Retargeting / Remarketing

Your customer journey plays an important role in devising a digital marketing strategy.

Retargeting or remarketing ads help you convert those customers who didn't convert right away and bounced off the first time.

We feel Retargeting Ads are a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool for online advertising because they help you focus your ad spends on familiar customers.

Simply put, it is chasing your website visitors and targeting them across various portals under Google and Social Media Network.

We believe Retargeting the audience with customized content peg will help us pull them back to the website & achieve:

  • Brand Recall and Recognition
  • Gain Visibility
  • Generating More Traffic

So, the question is who are these retargeting ads for?
- Website Visitors
- Database (Gmail InMail Ads)
- Facebook Users (Custom as well as Lookalike Audience)

And which channels do we use for retargeting?

ADROLL & ADFOX ! They let us run across Facebook, Twitter and display! And, then, we also have them supplemented with Google Display Network Retargeting ads to ensure we build enough frequency and impression share to drive action.

With a team of experts that's constantly stirring out ways to strongly build your brand online, we follow an approach that’s committed to success.

We start with audience segmentation basis the content they are looking at and use these insights to create tailored ads and landing pages for each of the different target segment.

Working out the magic of analytics we believe in constantly monitoring the ad performance and improvising to ensure we have an access to wherever our customers go!

Email Marketing

It's just an email, nope ! It's an email that entices your customer. In the list of endless brand promotions and collaboration requests, your email marketing plan needs to be unique.

We are a team of analysers and pro-thinkers. If you give us the customer data, we'd bring to you the details of how, where and when your customers will open your email, so you can make the most of your email marketing campaign.

So, if you're here to make business sense out of digital marketing,
you're just an e-mail away.