Content Marketing

It wouldn't be wrong if we'd exclaim that content marketing today fairly eclipses the traditional methods, and therefore, you need to create engaging content that connects with your target audience and achieves tangible results.

If you ever thought that content marketing was as simple as putting up the best combinations of 26 alphabets, you're sure to fail. Content marketing goes much beyond "Creating Content" !

It is a multi-dimensional five step process that ranges across:

  • Content Discovery & Ideation
  • Content Creation & Curation
  • Content Distribution & Marketing
  • Social Media Listening, Managing & Monitoring
  • Analytics & Testing

Today, your brand strategy should not be limited to creating great content but to leverage it by focusing on marketing it effectively in order to attract and retain customers.

A great content marketing strategy which is built using content in the form of videos, podcasts, white papers, webinars, blog posts, or infographics can help you with not just enhanced brand awareness but also improved lead generation and sales thereby increasing the revenue.

Whether you're a brick and mortar store, eCommerce site, or publisher, content marketing is beneficial for your brand because it increases sales, is more cost-effective than traditional advertising, establishes your organization as a resource, and helps build personal relationships.

Our robust content marketing plan helps you create a campaign on CPC model, appear on top publisher website such as Fortune, abcNews, CNN, People, Wired, TIME, etc & get the targeted engaged audience.

We trust in platforms like Taboola & Outbrain for content distribution & drive traffic to the site and/or monetize the content by promoting other publishers' content on the site.

We adapt with time & evolve with the needs which means we are constantly analyzing the impact of our content marketing efforts to ensure you get nothing short of the best.


We believe that educating & spreading awareness is an essential aspect of any 360 degree marketing campaign.

Blogging for us is a medium to spread the right kind of information needed for the customer at the right time.

Blog writing is of course important in order to engage with the targeted audience, but the journey only begins from there.

Our blogger outreach services facilitate distribution of content in the right areas across the web in order to extend its reach, and amplify its impact. In short, we help you get noticed by the right people, at the right places and even at the right time.

But we don't achieve this alone! We take help of various publishers and bloggers across the web whose blogs come up organically in Google on Desired Keywords and partner with such bloggers.

Not just that, after sailing through various rounds of negotiations & coordinations, by constantly keeping in touch with them and guiding them, we ensure they help us build branded content that indirectly promotes your website / products.

It doesn't end here. We go back and analyse the effectiveness of the content promotion to attain clearer insights into which bloggers will help you reach the audiences that are the most important to you.

So, if you're here to make business sense out of digital marketing,
you're just an e-mail away.