If you go by statistics, you'll be shocked to know the number of active users on social media. (No, we won't be throwing numbers at you)

The point is, each person today is on social media. There's no looking back on the fact that every minute there's a brand who is gaining followers and another who is increasing revenue. And that's exactly our point.

Today's social media has moved far beyond networking or connecting, it's here to build, grow & empower. Whether it's generating leads or establishing shopping as a user friendly experience, today's social media is all about the Consumer.

We don't believe in mere existence, we believe in leaving an impact! And that's exactly why we feel each social channel or social medium is unique and requires a distinguished approach.

Facebook Marketing

Being one of the leading social networking site, Facebook is no longer meant for just connecting or building relationships. It's moved beyond to become a marketeers favourite when it comes to generating more leads or driving traffic or increasing sales.

Over the years, Facebook has dynamically evolved into a platform that helps you with an easy access to your customer's life. From their whereabouts to their interests, from their close friends to their favourite brands, each piece of information can be put to use by focused ads using interest targeting that helps you define an ideal audience by their Demographics, Interests & Behaviour.

With focused lead generation ads, your potential customer can sign up easily through a pre-filled form which helps them to submit their details & take quicker action and you can contact the lead. In popular opinion, not only is this a quick and easy method to acquire customer data but also helps you reduce the cost per lead thereby facilitating more business with an effective ROI.

That's not it. Facebook also lets you retarget your ads to anybody who's visited your website, regardless of where (or why) they bounced and also lets you advertise to people who are similar to your existing customers and likely to be interested in your brand.

And if you've got a fan, Facebook won't let them forget you by automatically showing adverts to them on Facebook, Instagram and other Audience Network because they have previously demonstrated interest in visiting your website.

Honestly, that's way too many superpowers, right there.

Instagram Marketing

From visually appeasing content to personal explorations, Instagram is without doubt becoming the voice of today's youth.

And when we say Instagram, we mean all of it, the popular choice- Instagram Stories too! (A little background : Instagram stories appear above users' Instagram feeds and are available for viewing for 24 hours.)

The fun part about these stories is that they play continuously, advancing from one user's story to the next and so when you create a sponsored Instagram story ad, it appears between stories from two different users whom your customers follow.

It's extremely mobile friendly & let's your customer use links in the stories by a simple swipe up which to you guarantees increased sales, more leads and improved traffic.

The reason we're a fan is that these sponsored stories along with other dynamic ad campaigns on don't just facilitate an improved brand recall but have also proved to be successful in generating quality leads & high engagements.

So, if you thought it was all about the pictures, you're mistaken.

From job connections to brand building; from up-selling to cross-promoting; from collaborations to finding love; Instagram over the years has proven to be dynamically rewarding.

Twitter Marketing

When we say Twitter, it is almost synonymous to being a social media network that spouts out the most up-to-date news and information from around the globe.

But if you ask us, it has clearly moved beyond being a news feed & is in fact a platform that lets you engage with your customer and have an interactive conversation.

Twitter is clearly well distinguished from Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platform out there, which means you need to choose an effective digital marketing plan that is backed up with proven results.

We know there can never be one-size-fits-all approach and hence strategise to provide a customised digital plan for any business and industry, regardless of size or budget.

Our team of social media marketing experts are customer-focused and strive to deliver solutions that generate results with maximum ROI & business growth.

Youtube Marketing

YouTube empowers brands with content that stays back with your customer. It lets you make the most of experiential marketing.

YouTube marketing is more than just paid ad campaigns, it's about building a customer base for your brand organically.

The user today is both smart & impatient and so when they want to know something about your brand whether it's about the reviews, the utility or simply acquainting themselves, they would like to see & not read, which is where we come into the picture.

We help you with a list of keywords that match with your brand & on which your videos should appear in Google / YouTube organic listing. We then concretise an idea or a concept to help you create relevant videos and publish them on YouTube. We back it up with our SEO strategy and ensure you're on the top of the list of your customer's search engine.

LinkedIn Marketing

The power of collaboration can only be unlocked with the right keys of knowledge and experience.

LinkedIn Marketing has been popularly utilised to unlock the potential of B2B market. And rightly so, it's amusingly rewarding.

The ability to target the right set of audience and communicate with them in a language best known to them is something we specialise into. For us, it's all about nurturing the network connection and not merely building one.

So, if you're here to make business sense out of digital marketing,
you're just an e-mail away.